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Sessions available on Zoom or by phone


In my twenty-plus years in private practice, I have worked with a wonderful and diverse clientele, located all over the world, helping them connect to clarity and the best in themselves. I use help people find actionable solutions. The goals are to unlock persistent emotional, health, career and relationship barriers; to better understand each factor of a decision; and to strategize for an outcome that leads to more joy.

Corporate accounts have been in entertainment, real estate and the non-profit sector.

BIG NEWS! I only offer private sessions two weekend days a month. Here's why...

I was offered a dream-job by Launch Inc.  I said yes to becoming the Director of Employee Experience.

With the incredible Launch Inc. staff, I work with the executive team, do employee counseling, wellness and development as well as programming. I am so lucky to be part of the mission and momentum of Launch Inc.  

Through Launch's philanthropic work, I have the privilege of directing resources to and to serving marginalized, often forgotten and in danger individuals and communities through direct giving initiates and programs I help build with our expert partners who are doing on-the-ground work where there are acute needs. Focuses of these efforts have ranged from supporting Black & Brown education & leadership, to guards for Asian seniors to protect them from hate-crimes, to helping demand protections for farm workers to assisting rape victims with medical care and much more.

I also produced (not as a host) A Changed Mind Podcast - a powerful show focused on trauma and recovery and produced & co-directed Silenced No More, a short film of a one woman show addressing domestic violence.


I am on the board of Frontline Dads in Philadelphia and have the great joy of partnering with the founder, Reuben Jones. We work together to help connect donor resources directly to those in the most need (bails, therapy and assistance for victims of domestic violence, rental assistance, basic supplies for families and more).

Additionally, I am honored to be on the board of two other vital and effective organizations steered by leaders I greatly admire:  Northwest Victim Services led by Tobi Downing in Philadelphia and Tsunami Educational Impact Group founded and led by Jeffrey Monroe in Memphis. 



For over 10 years, while building my private practice, I proudly worked as part of the Institute for Health and Healing at one of the best hospitals in San Francisco: California Pacific Medical Center.  


I ran the Medical Literature Research Program and the Planetree Health Library.  I led the information research team that provided comprehensive collections of literature about each patient’s particular condition from both the conventional and complementary/integrative worlds of medicine.


Each project required hours of scouring medical databases for relevant studies; reviewing scientific journals; searching for patient services and examining consumer health books and publications from respected sources for useful information. Each information research project began with me doing an in-depth interview with the patient about their symptoms, concerns, feelings, medical history and possible

causes of their conditions. These years enhanced my private counseling practice greatly because they helped me understand the complexity of the body, its needs and its solutions from so many different perspectives.  



In-Hospital Group Work


I had the privilege of leading a weekly, group guided imagery workshop at 

San Francisco General Hospital. All members of each group were homeless, HIV positive and detoxing from Methamphetamine.  The goal of each series was to help patients work on their most challenging memories and perceptions of self, in a safe environment and without judgement.



Weekly Workshop with the Previously Incarcerated


I led classes for those recently released from prison who were in pursuit of employment and a more functional and rewarding life through the exceptional placement program at B.O.S.S. in Oakland.

02 rates & policies



Please let me know which you would prefer when you book your session.


Zoom: I will send you an email with the meeting information.


Phone: Call me at your scheduled appointment time at 415.335.5631





Session fee must be sent at time of booking to confirm and hold the scheduled time.


60 minute counseling session :: $275


90 minute counseling session :: $385


120 minute counseling session :: $500


1 hour Guided Imagery meditation workshop :: $400 per group

Personalized 15 minute Guided Imagery recordings :: $90



Payment option for or all services:


Venmo:  @Adrienne-Smialek




Full refunds are happily given for cancellations (via email or text) with 48 hours or more notice. For cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, no refund is available. 




The highest standard of confidentiality and privacy is upheld for all clients at all times. This extends to individuals as well as members of couples, families and groups.




You are welcome to audio-record or take notes during session.  No video recordings are permitted.


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